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Session 1

09:00 Introduction & opening words
09:15 The Italian Sun is bright: State of the Market
    This session will provide a big-picture view of the current state of affairs of the Italian solar market.
  • What has happened since the end of FiTs in 2013?
  • Latest capacity additions
  • Current and future regulation
  • A 20 GW market! How long until 40 GW?
  • A political, economical, social and technological perspective
09:40 Wholesale electricity prices projections in Italy
    Market parity is achieved partly by the wholesale electricity prices. In this session we’ll aim to uncover the key drivers for these prices in Italy.
  • Protecting against zero or sub-zero spot prices
  • Will solar cannibalize on its own success?
  • Key drivers and current trends
  • Outlook for the future
10:00 Auctions 101
    4.8 GW of renewables will be awarded in the auctions until 2021. What is the status?
  • What is the share of solar in the awarded projects?
  • Which companies were awarded the most?
  • Foreign investment in the auctions
  • Learnings from other countries’ models
  • Key obstacles to avoid in the auctions
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Session 2

11:25 Large-scale development
    Even with the announcement of several market parity projects and investments, large-scale solar in Italy has recently been underdeveloped. What is happening?
  • Land costs, complex approval processes and other hindrances
  • Developments on agricultural land
  • A new model without subsidies
  • Which geographical areas show the most promise?
12:00 Financing of merchant plants
    Merchant solar is all the buzz now. However, this comes with certain risks.
  • The role of banks and institutional investors
  • Is merchant a viable business model in the long run?
  • Regulatory concerns for setting a merchant solar plant
12:30 The private PPA market
    Private PPAs in Italy have been on the rise as a way to operate solar plants. What are the
  • Key things to know about PPAs in Italy
  • A PPA platform for negotiation. What’s the impact?
  • What are some of the learnings from some of the PPAs?
  • Physical and virtual PPAs possibilities
  • The rules for self-consumption
13:00 LUNCH

Session 3

14:30 The beginning of Corporate PPAs
    The corporate PPA segment holds a lot of potential to solar plant owners. However, much is yet to be done in terms of regulation. How to incentivize this new and growing market?
  • Learnings from the limited action
  • What needs to change to allow for more corporate PPAs?
  • Experience from the north
15:10 Grid considerations for a solar-powered future
    Solar growth is constrained by grid limits. In this session we’ll explore Italy’s grid and its impact on solar deployment.
  • 6 GW by 2020, how feasible is this?
  • How to link supply and demand centers
  • Will the grid be a limiting factor in the development of solar?
  • The effect of agricultural land

Session 4

16:40 Investing in Italy: opportunities and challenges
    Money matters. In this session, investors will engage in a well-rounded discussion about what is needed to invest in Italy.
  • Is there renewed investor appetite after the new renewable energy decree?
  • Is solar becoming a margins game?
  • Green bonds and other sources of capital
17:20 A vision for the future: Italy in 2030
    For a sunny future.
  • Renewable energy targets: is 27% achievable?
  • What will be solar’s role?
  • Objective of 50 GW by 2030.. Achievable with current regulation?
17:40 Closing comments