Is there a place to hang my coat?
Yes, we will have a storage room where we can store your coat.
Where can I leave my personal belongings (laptop, suitcase, luggage, etc)?
You can leave them at the registration desk where we’ll store them safely in the storage room.
How can I get to the venue?
The venue is directly connected to Malpensa's Terminal 1 and located just 45 minutes from downtown Milan. You can easily reach there by car or by train from the city center (Stazione di Malpensa). For more info, check out the venue page.
Can I charge my device(s) somewhere?
There will be a charging station available at the registration desk.
Is there accommodation in the venue or nearby?
Yes there is, we have reserved a room block with the venue. Click here to book your accomodation. Else, there are many options nearby.
Is there a place to sit down and work on my emails and connect my computer?
Yes, there are tables very close to the conference room where you can sit down and work.
Is the venue wheelchair-accessible / handicap-friendly?
Yes, contact if this is the case.
Is there a place I can use/reserve to hold private meetings?
Unfortunately there isn’t. However, there is ample space in the venue for semi-private meetings.
Some of my belongings are missing! Who can I turn to and who is liable?
Please send an email to and we’ll help you.
Is there free parking nearby? Is there parking nearby and what is the cost?
Unfortunately there is no free parking nearby. However, we can offer a 30% discount on the daily rate of 29 EUR in the Parking P3. Contact for further information.
Does the catering include vegetarian/vegan/kosher/halal options?
Yes, the catering includes vegetarian and vegan options. The chicken is halal but there are no kosher options.
Will coffee be served the whole day?
There will be coffee served during the breaks. Besides this, coffee pods are available on a cost on consumption basis.
Will there be water bottles or water tanks/ dispenser?
Water dispenser will not be available. However, we’ll offer water bottles during the break and in the meeting room.
Will it be a buffet or sit-down lunch?
It will be a standing buffet. The premises have a couple of places to sit down.
What kind of printed materials will I receive?
You will only receive a small booklet that includes the program and other important information about the event such as WiFi and other instructions.
Will the presentation slides be available after the conference?
Yes, you will receive the link after completion of the post-event survey the day after the event.
Can I bring some materials myself to distribute to attendees?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.
Can I download anything for the event?
Download the event app for enhanced networking! Available on Google Play and the App Store.
What methods are there for payment of the tickets?
You can pay directly with credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club International), bank transfer (via invoice) or with cash at the event.
Can I get a discount at the door?
No sorry, that is not possible.
Are there discounts for academics/non-profits/students?
Please contact with your specific case.
Can I attend the networking dinner without buying a ticket to the event?
Sorry, that is not possible. The dinner is a complement to the ticket.
Can I still buy a ticket for the dinner at the event?
Sorry, that is not possible.
Can my business partner/colleague/acquaintance shortly come in to say hello to some people?
People without a ticket cannot attend the event.
Can I send a (last-minute) replacement?
Yes, just make sure to send an email to
Can my colleague and I share a ticket if we both just attend 1 half of the day/event?
In this case, it is not possible as it is a 1-day event.
Can I come as a volunteer for free to help around?
Please email for more information.